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Apparel Consultation

Branded Apparel From Concept to Creation!

We take your ideas and develop them into unique products that you can bring to market. From concept sketch through production samples, we are with you every step of the way.

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What Is Apparel Consultation?

Getting your brand from the concept stage to completion is a long, complex process. There are many considerations when creating apparel lines that will either give you the most bang for your buck or leave you with a product that never goes anywhere.

Imagine having someone walk you through the whole process, answering all your questions and helping remove all the guesswork.

Teeplug is an expert in this field and enjoy helping brands from any industry achieve their goals. To find out what we can do for you and get your apparel product line started on the right track, click the button below. 

Why Choose teeplug for Apparel Consultation?

Our goal at TeePlug is to provide a platform for businesses to present themselves the way they want to be presented and how we want to be branded. We want their voice to shine through the images, colors, and fonts.

For our customers, we are an innovative custom clothing company, promoting products and services to enhance your customer’s lifestyles.

Teeplug takes pride in bringing new ideas to the industry. Products with purpose and brand value that make an impact in all sales channels at an affordable price.

We aim to build the premier custom t-shirt and apparel company. As we pass each mile marker, we leave behind a trail of resources that will help every entrepreneur on the road to success.


custom shirts

Contact Us for Pricing or any Apparel Consultation Inquiries

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About teeplug

We are a group of freethinking individuals creating an imprint to freely express ourselves. Art is not held to boundaries but by lines and color, we believe that the responsibility to find out what is right belongs to all. 

At Tee Plug, we wanted to put a personal touch on the shirts you or your customers wear. May it be a memory from your past, a picture of your favorite pet, or building a brand of your own.

We have designed a custom form for you to share your ideas with us. It will then quickly guide you towards a few concepts presented on our homepage to help refine it and begin the process of constant refinement until you are 100% satisfied with the output.

Key advantages to working with teeplug

Turn Your Designs and Ideas Into Profit!

We’re eager to learn your thoughts and begin applying them in print. Tell us what you think. Click the “Start a Conversation” button to begin.